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R. Perry Kidder

R. Perry Kidder

While I was studying journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, I witnessed a former UT Journalism student making an indelible mark on our profession.  By the time I graduated in 1971, Walter Cronkite was known as “the most trusted man in America”.  Ironically when you fast forward to  2011, I retired from that same CBS with nearly four decades of service.  Who would of guessed back in ’71 that I would be so influenced by this news legend.  It was clear from the beginning that ethics, honesty and hard work were the corner stone of excellence in journalism.  You don’t get to be the “most trusted” without those qualities.  Beyond that, great journalism requires the sources and resources to get to the truth. This website is devoted to those resources.  It is our hope that the Broadcast News Resource Center (BNRC) can be a broad based resource that will assist students and journalists through out Wisconsin, the U.S. and the world.  This site is devoted to the excellence in journalism that Walter and other news greats started.

When the opportunity came for me to help make this site a reality, to do what we can to better journalism….it seemed the perfect way to “close the loop” on a vision that Walter helped start in 1971.

Thanks to all that use this site.  Please let us know what else you would like to see and/or how to improve this news resource.  Should you find the BNRC useful please let others know.

  • State focuses on downside of plan to cut carbon emissions December 16, 2014
    The proposed plan calls on Wisconsin power plants to reduce their carbon pollution 34 percent below 2012 levels by the year 2030. A Clean Wisconsin report said this goal could be achieved while also bringing major public health benefits, boosting economic growth, and lowering energy bills.
  • Wisconsin prison system revamps disciplinary rules December 10, 2014
    A state prison official called the new rules, scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, “an excellent opportunity to focus on making positive changes” to the state’s use of solitary confinement.
  • Records show state role in $492 million drop of power plant value December 10, 2014
    The released records show Walker’s office was kept apprised of the matter but they give no sign that either Walker or Dominion pressured the DOR to accept a lower assessed value.
  • Your Right to Know: HIPAA’s reach is often overextended December 8, 2014
    HIPAA remains a “prickly” obstacle for journalists. As one health reporter puts it, “Often times, people are unsure about the law and can’t be bothered to check so it’s easier to say ‘no’ and refer to HIPAA."
  • School choice group played major role in elections by exploiting other issues December 3, 2014
    Jensen is proud of the American Federation for Children's legislative victories, which he says give it “a school choice majority in both houses” in Wisconsin. He attributes this success to public support for school choice. Yet, in its electioneering, AFC commonly doesn’t even mention school choice.
  • December: HIPAA’s reach is often overextended December 1, 2014
    Recently, I was told by a court official in Outagamie County that federal law prohibited the release of the name of a man I had just heard speak in open court. He was a participant in the county's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Court. He had been charged with driving while intoxicated as a fourth offense, but was offered a chance to go through a treatment p […]
  • November: Cops in shootings should be promptly named November 2, 2014
    Following the Aug. 9 police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, citizens and the public demanded to know the involved officer’s name. The Ferguson Police Department stirred national attention, and some outrage, by waiting six days to reveal it: Officer Darren Wilson. Wisconsin has Ferguson beat. On April 30, 2014, a Milwauke […]
  • October: Walker, Burke weigh in on openness October 1, 2014
    Mary Burke was succinct. She used a single word —“Yes” — to answer four of six questions from the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council about open government. The Democratic candidate for governor responded affirmatively when asked if she would:   Release a detailed weekly calendar in advance listing her appointments, public meetings and travel schedule. […]
  • September: Disciplined workers should be named July 31, 2014
    When state employees misbehave, does the public have a right to know who they are? Two state agencies are answering that question in different ways. Both the state Department of Justice and Department of Natural Resources have in the recent past blacked out the names of state workers from records of disciplinary actions released to the media. The agencies cl […]
  • August: AG rivals all back more openness July 31, 2014
    In Wisconsin, the office of attorney general has the authority to interpret and prosecute the state’s open records and open meetings laws. It is arguably the most important office in the state for promoting and defending our tradition of open government. With that in mind, the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council asked the three Democrats and one Republi […]
  • Meteorologist shot multiple times outside of TV studio December 17, 2014
    KCEN | TV Spy Patrick Crawford, a morning show meteorologist for KCEN in central Texas, was shot multiple times in the parking lot outside the studio, multiple sources reported Wednesday. Crawford “exchanged words” with a man before he drew a semi-automatic handgun and shot him, according to KCEN. Crawford drove away and found a construction worker who calle […]
  • This j school has a pretty great Christmas card December 17, 2014
    UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism has mailed out its Christmas card, and it’s a good one. The idea for the card came from the school’s new dean, Edward Wasserman, said Roia Ferrazares, assistant dean. It was designed by a student. The card’s free speech theme is a nod to the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement, Ferrazares said. It’s meant […]
  • The New York Times has been translating its Cuba editorials into Spanish December 17, 2014
    In advance of Wednesday’s news that the United States and Cuba are establishing full relations, The New York Times was publishing Spanish versions of its editorials advocating freer diplomatic relations between the two countries. The New York Times has written seven Cuba editorials to date, including one that explicitly called on President Barack Obama to en […]
  • ‘Tomato Can Blues’ author says her job will ‘cease to exist’ at NYT December 17, 2014
    Mary Pilon, the award-winning New York Times sports reporter who wrote “Tomato Can Blues,” tweeted Wednesday her job at the paper “is among those that will cease to exist.” So. My job at the @NYTimes is among those that will cease to exist. Had a beer, pondering next adventure. Thanks! pic.twitter.com/RKCGmz88Im — Mary Pilon (@marypilon) December 17, 2014 Pi […]
  • 7 journalist Twitter bios we love (and why we love them) December 17, 2014
    Putting together a good Twitter bio is like writing an informational haiku. It has to be informative and informed by your personality, at once emotive and descriptive without being dense. Attracting followers is like speed dating, 140 characters at a time. To showcase our favorite examples of this delicate art, we affixed our monocle and combed through Twitt […]
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this site is an initiative of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Foundation