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R. Perry Kidder

R. Perry Kidder

While I was studying journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, I witnessed a former UT Journalism student making an indelible mark on our profession.  By the time I graduated in 1971, Walter Cronkite was known as “the most trusted man in America”.  Ironically when you fast forward to  2011, I retired from that same CBS with nearly four decades of service.  Who would of guessed back in ’71 that I would be so influenced by this news legend.  It was clear from the beginning that ethics, honesty and hard work were the corner stone of excellence in journalism.  You don’t get to be the “most trusted” without those qualities.  Beyond that, great journalism requires the sources and resources to get to the truth. This website is devoted to those resources.  It is our hope that the Broadcast News Resource Center (BNRC) can be a broad based resource that will assist students and journalists through out Wisconsin, the U.S. and the world.  This site is devoted to the excellence in journalism that Walter and other news greats started.

When the opportunity came for me to help make this site a reality, to do what we can to better journalism….it seemed the perfect way to “close the loop” on a vision that Walter helped start in 1971.

Thanks to all that use this site.  Please let us know what else you would like to see and/or how to improve this news resource.  Should you find the BNRC useful please let others know.

  • Surge in big dairies backdrop for local efforts to curb cows’ environmental impacts September 21, 2014
    The growth in large dairies, and concerns about manure disposal from operations of all sizes, have fueled efforts to more tightly regulate their operations or siting. Here's a partial roundup.
  • Big farms, frac sand mines could feel force of judge’s groundwater ruling September 21, 2014
    Two weeks ago, Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Boldt approved the state Department of Natural Resources’ issuance of permits for a large and controversial dairy farm in Central Wisconsin. But he also reduced the amount of water the farm could pump from proposed high-capacity wells and required the DNR to consider the impact of the withdrawals in conjunction […]
  • Mike McCabe’s blistering manifesto September 17, 2014
    A manifesto for a populist change aimed at a national audience, it focuses largely on Wisconsin, portrayed as a fetid swamp of corruption, where lobbyists and campaign donors provide the soundtrack to which policymakers dance.
  • Drug crime penalties are ‘huge’ for students September 14, 2014
    For many, experimenting with drugs is part of college. But, the penalties of getting caught may be more severe than at any other time in their lives.
  • Undercover students used in drug busts at some University of Wisconsin campuses September 14, 2014
    Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism checks at the UW System’s 13 four-year campuses turned up three sites at which officials acknowledge using students arrested for drug activities to make controlled buys. Opponents say this practice could place students in dangerous situations and exploits their vulnerability to losing thousands of dollars of fede […]
  • September: Disciplined workers should be named July 31, 2014
    When state employees misbehave, does the public have a right to know who they are? Two state agencies are answering that question in different ways. Both the state Department of Justice and Department of Natural Resources have in the recent past blacked out the names of state workers from records of disciplinary actions released to the media. The agencies cl […]
  • August: AG rivals all back more openness July 31, 2014
    In Wisconsin, the office of attorney general has the authority to interpret and prosecute the state’s open records and open meetings laws. It is arguably the most important office in the state for promoting and defending our tradition of open government. With that in mind, the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council asked the three Democrats and one Republi […]
  • July: A wish-list for open government July 1, 2014
    Most candidates for public office, when asked, will pledge their support for open and transparent government. The real question is: Are they committed to fixing problems and expanding what information is available? Recently, the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council drew up a “Legislative wish-list for open government” — changes in state law to improve ac […]
  • June: Media need photos to tell the story May 29, 2014
    In early May the newspaper I work for, the Wisconsin State Journal, requested the official portraits of the Madison police officers involved in the fatal shooting a few days earlier of a man police say had just stabbed two women to death. Although he’d released the officers’ names, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval initially balked at releasing their photos. P […]
  • May: Lawmakers should retain, release records April 30, 2014
    In early April, in a case brought by the conservative MacIver Institute against state Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals declared that communications from citizens to lawmakers are, as one judge put it, “subject to the open records law, without redaction.” But the court also recognized that legislators have the power to tweak the […]
  • Lou Grant, Murphy Brown and Perd Hapley: Readers share their favorite TV show journalists September 19, 2014
    Earlier on Friday I asked about favorite journalists from TV sitcoms and dramas. Here’s collection of some of the characters people suggested on Twitter and Facebook: Lou Grant, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant: Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardinal, Married With Children: Murphy Brown, Murphy Brown: Perd Hapley, Parks and Recreation: Carl Kolchak, The Ni […]
  • Toronto newsweekly falls short on Buffy The Vampire Slayer trivia September 19, 2014
    Toronto’s NOW magazine had to issue a correction due its lack of Buffy The Vampire Slayer knowledge: This article originally stated that Joyce Summers, the mother of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s titular character, succumbed to a cancerous tumour. As pointed out by Queen’s Park Briefing’s John Michael McGrath, Summers in fact died from an aneurysm [sic] that re […]
  • Al Jazeera America journalist: Being in the military and being a journalist aren’t that different September 19, 2014
    The life of a journalist covering conflict and that of someone in the military aren’t that different, said Al Jazeera America’s Josh Rushing in a phone interview. “My family knows that I have a backpack ready to go,” he said. “I’m gone all the time. Where am I going? Really dangerous places, so there’s that same fear.” Journalists and people in the military […]
  • FT’s new U.S. boss: Journalists should ‘turn the microscope’ on themselves September 19, 2014
    Last July, Gillian Tett, who started her job as the Financial Times’ U.S. managing editor Sept. 1, wrote about the influence Pierre Bourdieu had on her work. Bourdieu, a French sociologist and intellectual, identified the “social silences” that can perpetuate the status quo if they’re allowed to fester. “I think it’s beholden on journalists to turn the micro […]
  • Who are your favorite TV show journalists? September 19, 2014
    Today is the anniversary of the first episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, which debuted in 1970. Poynter’s David Shedden wrote about the show and the recognition it received for today’s media history post. In February, Poynter’s Roy Peter Clark wrote about how journalists are shown in House of Cards. And on Wednesday, Lloyd Grove wrote about a new pack of […]
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this site is an initiative of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Foundation